Get to Know the Art and Culture of Lombok Island

Another thing that makes Lombok unique is the rich culture and arts of its people. If you visit Lombok, take the time to enjoy various cultural and artistic attractions. Tourists can watch Gandrung Dance, Gendang Beleq, and Peresean.


Gendang Beleq is traditional music played in groups. The word gendang comes from the sound of dang dang or dung dung when the instrument is beaten. And the word beleq is taken from the Sasak language, which means big. Initially, gendang beleq music was used as encouraging music for soldiers who were fighting or coming from war.
war or coming from war But nowadays, beleq drums are used as accompaniment in traditional ceremonies such as weddings, aqiqah, and big ceremonies.


Originally, gendang beleq music was used as encouragement for soldiers who were fighting or coming from war.


One of the famous dances in the Sasak community is the Gandrung Dance. This dance is also often called the Jangler Dance. Born to entertain the soldiers who returned from the
the battlefield and was originally only used as entertainment. The Gandrung dance is usually performed in an arena surrounded by spectators. Among the audience are also prospective Gandrung dancers. In the Sasak language, it is called “pengibing” or ngibing,” which means dancing.

In its development, over time, this dance was also developed into a performance dance, with some rearrangement in terms of movements, costumes,
number of players and the presentation of the show So that it can be performed at various events both as entertainment, art shows, and as a tourist attraction.


Peresean is a battle scene between two men armed with rattan sticks (penjalin) and shields (ende in Sasak) of thick and hard buffalo skin. This tradition is practiced by the Sasak people of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Peresean is included in the Lombok regional dance art. Fighters in Persia are usually called pepadu, and the referee is called pakembar.

In the past, Peresean was held to train the agility of the Sasak tribe in repelling the invaders. The background of Peresea is the emotional release of kings in the past when they won a sparring war against their enemies.

In addition, Peresea was also a medium used by warriors to train agility, toughness, and courage in competition. It is said that Peresean is also a ceremony to ask for rain for the Sasak tribe in the dry season.
season. Now, Peresean is held to welcome guests or tourists visiting Lombok.

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