A Glimpse into the Legendary Story of Princess Mandalika of Lombok Island

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful beauty named Mandalika.
Who came from one of the small kingdoms by the name of Tonjeng Beru.
Mandalika was known as a beautiful, smart, and kind princess.

So famous was Mandalika that all the kings on the island of Lombok wanted her as their consort or son-in-law.

Kings came from the north to the south of the island of Lombok to propose to the beautiful princess.

One by one, accepted by Mandalika, every king and pengaran can all get the same good treatment and a beautiful smile from the princess Mandalika.

Behind all the kindness of his attitude, Mandalika has not gotten a definite answer, so it continues to give the same answer.

Come back on the 20th month of the 10th month.

The awaited day came, the 20th of the 10th month of the Sasak calendar, and all kings were told to come to the place determined by the beautiful princess.

With what will happen until finally Mandalika, the beautiful princess, comes and meets the kings and their retinue.

Mandalika said “I love you all; I don’t want to sacrifice any of them, so let me, Princess Mandalika, belong to this community and nation”.

Then she ran into the sea, so that all those present there chased her, but none of them succeeded in finding her.

They just found her nyale nyale, which means luminous. a sea creature shaped like a worm, and the legend tells that the body of Princess Mandalika turned into Nyale Nyale and her spirit transformed into a star spirit.

Actually, Nyale is not just a tourism event; it is one of the literatizations of the Sasak tribe’s culture on the island of Lombok. Even from the story raised, it can be seen that the Sasak tribe at that time already knew the dating system based on the circulation of the moon, which indicates that the Sasak tribe has a high civilization because it already understands space and time.

Not only pospology, the Nyale odor legend is also closely related to sociology, anthropology, and even religious aspects.

Although it occurs on the beach, the smell of nyale is not only related to maritime activities but also to this agrarian tradition because most people associate the smell of nyale with their crops; so many nyale means the harvest will be abundant.

As a practical matter, there are also nyale used as agricultural materials such as fertilizer, nyale wrappers, or lepek burned to repel pests.

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